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Highlighting the Impact of Climate Change, UI Student Won 1st Runner-Up of the SDGs Speak Up Competition in Global Goals Youth 2024

Universitas Indonesia > News > Faculty of Medicine News > Highlighting the Impact of Climate Change, UI Student Won 1st Runner-Up of the SDGs Speak Up Competition in Global Goals Youth 2024

In her speech “SYNTHESIS Project: Strengthening Community’s Resilience Through Enhanced Climate Education and Surveillance,” Aisha Inaya, a student at the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, won 1st Runner-Up in SDGs Speak Up Competition at Global Goals Youth 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aisha highlighted the phenomenon of climate change, especially for public health.

Based on the World Health Organization data, climate change impacts increasing waterborne diseases, heatstroke, malnutrition, and infectious diseases. The impact of climate change is leading to natural disasters that affect people’s health and welfare at higher risk, especially for vulnerable groups. Therefore, appropriate steps are required to increase public health resilience to climate change.

Aisha suggested socializing vulnerable and urban communities about climate change, its impacts, and how to deal with it. The risk of climate change can be monitored through applications integrated with health service providers. “This integrated surveillance can improve early warning and rapid response in addressing health risks,” he said.

The SYNTHESIS Project targets vulnerable communities living in extreme weather and prone to disaster areas and communities whose livelihoods rely on the weather, such as farmers, fishermen, and other groups. This project also includes psychological support for people suffering from mental health problems due to climate change. Climate-related disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and forest fires are often associated with stress-related psychiatric disorders. Individuals who have been exposed to life-threatening situations are at considerable risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Dean of Faculty of Medicine UI, Prof. Dr. dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, Sp.PD-KGEH., MMB, believes that this idea is important to implement because sociey has not been completely aware of the climate change impact. Health service providers also need to improve the level of preparedness or response to climate change risks.

“I really appreciate Aisha’s efforts in producing solutions through the SYNTHESIS Project, which educates people about climate change and builds community resilience. Her success in the SDGs Speak Up Competition at the 2024 Global Goals Summit is an extraordinary potential that Medicine UI students have. Hopefully, it can motivate all Medicine UI students to continue positively impact society and the world of health,” said Prof. Ari.

The World SDG Speak-Up Forum is a forum for young people to express ideas and solutions based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to problems occurring in the world. Through this forum, young people’s voices can be heard, and they can be involved in decision-making. 150 delegates from 25 countries participating in this activity can choose one of five topics: Education and Social Areas, Innovation and Technology Areas, Environmental and Green Economy, Creative Industry and Food Beverage, and Public Health and Medical.

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